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Snowboard Tuning & Repairs

We have a fully equipped snowboard service workshop which is  staffed with a professional, qualified team. We build snowboards and know them inside and out, including the best tuning & advice tailored to your rideing style. We live and breathe snowboarding and have a passion for all things Snow and Bike and will get you comfortable on your gear.


Snowboard Workshop Rates 

Hot Wax
$25 - Hot Wax and Polish
(hot iron wax and base polish)

Edge and Hot Wax
$35 - Edge Sharpening and Hot Wax
(side + base edge angles & universal wax)

Grind, Edge and Hot Wax
$50 - Grind, Edge and Hot Wax
(montana base grind, side and base edge angles, universal wax)

Premium Full Service
$80 - Grind, Edge and Hot Wax +
(base p-tex including small core shots, mirror side edge stone finish, premium grade wax)

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